Airbnb Host with Terrible Customer Service Skills

I stayed at the Crown Point Hotel Tobago (an Airbnb host had an apartment there) back in June 2017. My mother made a few local calls on the landline phone. I had an early check out the next morning. I spoke to the front desk staff the night before to find out what to do with the key. No mention was made of the calls; there was no billing set up. The front desk knew I had an early check out. I wasn’t even thinking about the calls. Months later, I see a nasty message from the host saying that I didn’t pay the phone bill and that the front desk clerk had to pay it. I didn’t intentionally not pay the bill. I was never billed and I wasn’t thinking about it. My contention is this: why didn’t the host just notify me privately? I would have paid the bill then and there. I think the host was being very low down and petty posting his comments on Airbnb as if I had no intentions of paying. I only happened to see the nasty message because I was going to rebook. Never again. Airbnb was difficult to reach to take down the nasty review.

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  1. You knew about the costs for the phone calls, why didnt you negoiate before leaving.
    Your problem, your to blame.
    You remind me of this asswipe american on our trip who walked out of hotel without paying laundry bill.
    What a pig

  2. A petty host?! No, you took a runner WITHOUT even considering to settle the bill before you jetted off. You’re an inconsiderate cheapo.

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