Airbnb Host Locked Women out of Granada Apartment

My daughter just made an emergency call to us from Granada, Spain. She and her friend have a room in an Airbnb apartment, and went out for the evening. They came back about 3:00 AM and the host (a woman) would not let them in. They have been outside for hours, and called the police, the American Embassy, and Airbnb, and no one would help them. These are two young girls (about 22) who have recently graduated from college. Their passports are in the apartment, so they cannot get a hotel room or anyplace else, until they get their passports. This woman is horrible. They know she is doing this on purpose – this is a horrible and scary situation. Their bags and all IDs are inside this woman’s apartment. Airbnb won’t do anything. They should not have such despicable people as hosts that would abuse their guests… Airbnb has put my daughter and her friend in an unsafe and scary situation.

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  1. Instead of feeling for these girls, the comments are so judgemental. Why did they have to do something wrong? Cant it be that they had a horrible host. You don’t even know these girls to say that they are narcissistic maybe they were just two girls on vacation. Think about how scary it can be to be locked out without your passport in a foreign country. People Stop being so mean.

  2. Why were they out until 3 a.m.? It sounds like two narcissistic twenty-somethings who think they are at a hotel. They are at someone’s house. Did they expect this woman who doesn’t know them not to sleep all not so that they could drink, eat tapas and then come home at such an hour? Unbelievable.

  3. Hmm…mother’s never hear the bad side of the stories…I’ve been through air bnb hell on the guest side but I’m sure hosts must go through just as much…maybe she said not to come home that late and had work the next day, maybe they have disrespected there house as young girls sometimes do with company, cleanliness, noise level exc..Maybe this was the last straw? Also why did she not have a key? Either of them that is? Fishy….

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