Airbnb Guest Stole from me

I had a guest for one night, who walked away with a few items, including: TV, air conditioner, coffee machine, toaster. I have contacted the guest on his mobile – the man who answered said he’s never heard of Airbnb. I contacted the police, who asked for any traces that might help the investigation. Then I contacted Airbnb. They absolutely refused to provide me with any clues as to the guest’s real indentity, and said they will “run their own investigation.” They asked me for the police report, which obviously takes a bit of time to come through, and 48 hours later closed the case indefinitely. More over, they did not even transfer payment, which they have collected from that guest. On that basis that, I have opened a legal case. This is insane. If anyone knows an alternative to Airbnb I would love to hear it.

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  1. Hi,

    I got “almost” the same problem. A guest rent my condo and he made a big party. They broke and stole many items. The day before the end of the rent I’ve been for a visit due to a complain from my neighbour. Big surprise, 6 persons where in the flat and the guy who rent my flat wasn’t there. I called right away the police and they came at our flat. Airbnb case manager contact me “Mike” and she said that Airbnb got a good insurance, she asked me to send picture, quote to repair damages and invoice for items stolen. I did that on time.

    She then sent me an email :

    Mise à jour par : Mick, 31 août 16:07 PDT:
    Hi Gregory,
    Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process. I’m pleased to inform you that, after a full review of all documentation, we have determined that your request qualifies for compensation.
    We would like to move forward with issuing you a 2719 CAD payment for this claim.
    In order to process this payment, please click this link to confirm your acceptance of our final agreement.
    We ask that you complete this agreement within 72 hours, then respond to this email once you’ve done so.

    The amount to repair damage and reimburse item stolen is around 15 000$. I sent her an email asking her if she can send me details for the 2700$ (what she consider for which items or quote) .

    Two days after she sent me this email :

    Mise à jour par : Mick, 4 sept. 09:37 PDT:
    Hi Gregory,
    Thank you for your reply, I apologize for the delay in response. I do see that I have missed some documentation and have adjusted your offer for reimbursement.
    We would like to move forward with issuing you a $4630 CAD payment for this claim.
    In order to process this payment, please click this link

    I just called again, nobody wants to transfer me to her. They just say “she is going to contact you via email”

    Is anyone has a link or contact for Airbnb legal department ?

    After investigation it has been proven that the guest who rent my flat hacked the profile from an other person member of Airbnb. It means that the security and the protection of our personal info are not so well protected by Airbnb. I have all the proof and screen pictures. If someone is interested about this case feel free to contact me. (

  2. It shows to what extent Airbnb is nothing but an unethical, money-chasing Mickey Mouse company. Try Wimdu or VBRO, both have decent customer service and reasonable staff. Best of luck.

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