Airbnb Guarantee Doesn’t Cover LA Eviction Costs

Guest makes reservation for five months for one person. Guest brings another person, that person breaks $500 front door. Guest pays first month to gain access. Guest fails to make payment second month after 30 days. Guest changes reservation to only 30 days, on the 30th day. Guest claims she now has the right to stay for five months. Turns out LA tenant law says you cannot throw someone out of a house who has been residing in a house for more than 30 days. Host guarantee does not apply to eviction process legal costs. Eviction process costs $1200 and takes 90 days, during which tenant does not have to pay rent. On court date guest gets a verdict but it doesn’t mean guest will pay amount owed. Three months’ loss of income plus legal costs. Host guarantee only covers damage during reservation, if guest stays illegally further than that host guarantee does not apply. I want to join this class action against Airbnb.

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  1. Suzanne is wrong. It doesn’t matter if you set max at 29 days if they don’t leave at 29 days, that is NOT the solution. Set the max at 14, or 7, or 1…doesn’t matter. If they refuse to leave and stay 30 days then you’re in the same boat. The ONLY solution is a signed lease agreement. LA courts do not recognize the AirBnB terms of service as a lease. No lease + 30 days and you are screwed. I found out the hard way, same happened to me, except they did 11K worth of damage. AirBnB would not even accept my claim. I’ve been thinking that media attention might help me recover losses. Let me know if you want to discuss. …and for the record, LA has not imposed strict legislation re Airbnb rentals, if any legislation at all. You are misinformed, and misinforming others.

  2. The solution: set your maximum rental period to 29 days……
    There’s a reason why LA imposed strict legislation regarding AIrbnb rentals – greedy owners for example.

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