Airbnb: Easy for Guests, Frustrating for Hosts

As a host, Airbnb is not easy to deal with. If you have just one listing, it will take you a while to negotiate the system. Misunderstandings between lovely guests and yourself will make the experience barely worth the effort. I am a travel agent by trade. However, I have an Airbnb account and have tried to get three listings up and running. If you even attempt to create a second or third listing, the reviews will all be on the same listing. How are potential guests going to figure out why the feedback doesn’t even fit the room they are looking at? Also, your photos will get mixed up: when you open your profile, the photo listed may not even be there. Apparently, the photos randomly change. I cannot work it out and have had no success with contacting them. They keep asking if I am okay now and if they can close communication; the answer is always no.

The profile picture for your listing will be determined by Airbnb. You will have to delete the one they chose and play cat and mouse with them to get the one you want. The staff members barely speak English and sound really harried. You can email them but that will just be a communication exercise gone wrong. All in all, the site is horrible to use. I have stayed using Airbnb and that was easier, as anything other than the most basic hosting will be a nightmare.

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  1. I had same issue, a guest decided to make a fight with my flat and they broke completely ( i do not know even how) 3 doors, I had to change them and to close the flat for reparations during 4 days. AIRBNB told me that the doors were old as my flat 20 years old and therefore i recovered 1/5 of the reparations due to the age of the doors ( but doors are either working or not working, age does not matter, It is not like a fridge). I am therefore very unhappy and wanted to share my misfortune. I lost 4000 euro , put a claim with the police and police told me that another administration ( AIRBNB) was dealing with the case so I could not sue the travelers since i agreed that all would be dealt with AIRBNB

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