Airbnb Customer Support Reneged on their Promise

I am looking for a lawyer to represent me on a contingent basis to litigate against Airbnb. Can someone help me please? Please see the chronology of my situation last night.

I tried to establish a connection with my Airbnb host last night at 9:15 PM; the host’s phone was unreachable, but I tried calling multiple times over a 15-minute period. After that I called the Airbnb helpdesk number; they also tried the host unsuccessfully. Airbnb support transferred me to a “case manager”. This person tried to arrange an Airbnb or hotel for me but could not find anything as it was already 10:00 PM.

The Airbnb case manager specifically instructed me that I could go ahead and get a hotel at my own expense and Airbnb would reimburse me for the full amount (this call was recorded, I was told). The case manager also confirmed that I would get an email with a link and instructions.

My wife and I tried online to find available rooms in a 10-mile vicinity of the host’s property. Only the last hotel (a Ritz) confirmed they had one open room available for $850 + taxes. I walked to the hotel and got into the hotel room at 11:00 PM, then received a very strange email from Airbnb support that I would get a refund of the $100 Airbnb booking and an additional $10, which obviously made me very aggravated and disturbed.

I called Airbnb support. A representative spoke to me and apologized for the confusion. He reconfirmed that I would be reimbursed for the hotel that I had to book. I got an email confirming the same as what he told me on the phone, then I got a call from the same case manager as before. He was very impolite and suggested that I misheard him in the prior call. He was not aware of the other rep’s conversation with me and his email. He was clearly flustered as if he was being reprimanded.

The last call with the case manager left me very disturbed and I could not sleep all night. I have aggravated blood pressure and I lost one full day of meetings for ill health. Airbnb is not responding to my messages.

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  1. What I find HILARIOUS, besides you hooking up with the most expensive hotel in town, is you expect a lawyer to represent you, on a contingency fee basis, against Airbnb’s retained legal team for your $850 claim. So your lawyer spends hundreds of hours litigating your claim, FOR FREE, fronts all the costs of litigation, only to realize 1/3 of $850 IF you win. You sir are some special kind of tool.

  2. First time commenting….

    You expected to stay at The Ritz for close to a thousand bucks and have Airbnb foot the bill? It wasn’t their fault that the host flaked. I’m sure if you tried harder, you could have found a more reasonable option.

    It’s affecting you’re health, sleep and job???!!! Damn….you didn’t just get a cancer diagnosis. Perspective is always a good thing.

    Like it has been mentioned earlier, perhaps you’re more of a motel type. Chalk it up to splurging on yourself for one night and move on with your life.

    • “You expected to stay at The Ritz for close to a thousand bucks and have Airbnb foot the bill?”

      Well, yeah, because they said they would..

  3. Unfortunately you gave away your rights to sue Airbnb in favor of mediation when you signed and agreed to the terms of service. Not that any lawyer would take on Airbnb’s corporate legal team anyway.

    I would just move on with your life as this battle will exhaust you and you will just give up.

    Here is a link to the terms. Go to the legal section:

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