Airbnb Customer Service a Maze of Communication

What a nightmare trying to resolve a refund issue. I recently made a booking in Granada and on receiving the address found that it was too far from the area we needed. My husband has an injured leg and cannot walk far. The next day we cancelled and the host was very understanding. This was six months in advance of the stay. Then we received our refund from Airbnb, who had gouged $220 from our credit card. We contacted our host and she said there must be some mistake because she didn’t receive anything. Then the frustration began: how to negotiate with Airbnb. They just give you the runaround on their website. I found a phone number on the internet for Sydney. I rang it. Their reply was: “This is Airbnb. We are looking forward to speaking with you”… and then nothing. Can all this be legal? I can find nothing on the website that warns of this gouging.

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  1. AIRBNB cannot be contacted if you have a problem..Like you say, they expect most people to give up and in the end that is all you can do. Try and complain and you get re-directed to the host you want to complain about. They cant be contcated by phone and dont reply to email complaints..
    We had to walk away from a total dump of an apartment in Orta Italy which was nothing like the ad and photos..I got a one day refund after paying for 4 and then had to rent a hotel..
    Never trust what you see on airbnb ads..and dont trust comments either as I think many are fake.. I will NEVER use AIRBNB again

  2. Air BnB intentionally makes it impossible to contact them. The anticipate you’ll give up – and most people do. Why doesn’t someone look into their illegal practices?

  3. By the way depending on how much you paid for the listing the money you refer to could be their booking fee, which Airbnb clearly state is non refundable in these sort of situations (where guests chose to cancel).

    You can tell by looking at the map where a property is located before you book, so this is something you could have checked with the host before making a booking as this was clearly an important factor for you.

  4. Not quite sure why you couldn’t find their contact details. It in their Help Centre under…..’Contact Us’.

    Try calling them again or contact them via Twitter.

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