Airbnb Customer Service is not Responsive

It was a bad beginning; I could not enter the property for 1.5 hours. The “Superhost” was not answering his phone and there were no keypad instructions. Oops, sorry, amenities were also not available: soap, shampoo and hangers are amenities one expects, but not available. The big one was no cable TV as advertised. Oops again, we cancelled it, but you can use your own Netflix.

I don’t have Netflix and I was settling in to watch the baseball playoffs. My team, the Astros, were playing. It is fraud to advertise an amenity that you don’t have. Airbnb asked if I told my host I was gong to watch the playoffs…. a really poor defense. Can I advertise a hot tub and not have one?

I have called numerous times, written out my complaint numerous times and have been told numerous times they are sorry, they will get back to me. But they do not, hence all my calls and emails. Frontline personnel have little or no authority and they won’t connect me to a supervisor.

I am sure when all goes well Airbnb is a fine company but they should be measured by how they handle the difficult situations and for those times they fail miserably. Their hope is we go away, get tired of complaining, leave them alone. Mr. Brian Chesky, you need to empower your case mangers to resolve issues not to just give voice to incessant stall tactics. If you are unaware of unhappy clients go to

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  1. I had a similar experience with a recent stay in Sacramento. The photos showed a huge tv hanging on the wall. When I arrived there was a much smaller tv sitting on the floor. No cable, no remote. Host was unresponsive initially and finally responded with oops don’t know what the last tenant did with the remote. Additionally the beds were listed as a queen and a double when they were actually a double and a single. The double was a mattress and a box spring sitting on the floor. There were no utensils or silverware in the kitchen. Four bath towels, no hand towels. I filed a complaint and in return the host left me a review that I stole the towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom supplies. When a complaint is filed the host should not be able to review until the issue is resolved!

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