Airbnb Customer Service: Are they “Experts”?

Yet another example of how a multi-billion company is capitalizing on its customer service. So there’s an issue with a guest. After numerous referrals through the help center, I finally get to submit a question directly to an Airbnb customer service agent… I thought. Lo and behold, I receive a reply from an Airbnb expert who appears to be nobody else but an avid Airbnb user who tries to earn some reward points. And yet, he refers me to the help center once again. Airbnb has added another layer to make it virtually impossible to get in touch with an Airbnb representative. Wake up people: the moment you click ‘pay now’ and as a host you click ‘accept’ then the Airbnb community spirit is over. The moment there is an issue you’ll have to wade through hundreds of “help center” pages and then when you finally think you can file a complaint, it’s just an Airbnb “expert”. Interestingly, anyone can apply to become an Airbnb expert. It’s another strategy to put off potential complaints, to limit Airbnb’s already atrociously incompetent customer service and to make you swim in the dark, both as a guest and host. I’ve been an Airbnb host for six years and since last year the number of bookings has been exceeded by Wimdu and VBRO. Make up your mind and move your properties and booking requests to other platforms. Airbnb is digging its own grave.

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  1. I was considering doing a walk-about this year using airbnb for my entire trip. But today I spent an entire day trying to reach a competent human being to answer some “what if” policy questions. After 3 calls and a few hours of talking to people reading off a script and double talking when I had specific questions, I have ended up being told a manager will call me (3 different answers) in 48 hours, in 72 hours, and when they get time. Not reassuring to someone who wants to know what if something goes wrong? Will I be able to talk to someone?
    Dr. Peter Castelow

  2. Not ANYONE can apply, Airbnb sends out an invitation to users with experience and that have dealt with different siuations.

    This tool allows in MANY cases for users to have a quicker response than being waiting, Airbnb is a platform continuously growing and more people require support .

    At this moment, with the pandemic, experts are being really helpful in providing faster solutions to users.

    Of course there are special situations where you sill need a customer service agent from Airbnb but experts are there for a reason. Becoming one isn’t just easy, a lot of tests are taken to decide wether they can be part of Airbnb Experts or not.

  3. This post is simply ridiculous!

    Airbnb is a great company and making a living just saying all the bad possible about something isn’t the right way to live! 😉

  4. Thank you for this post. I am currently living this AIRBNB issue. Being transferred, put on hold and ignored after a guest lied about occupancy and then had 300 people at my home charging admission!!!! YES. Yet after seeding countless receipts I cannot speak to anyone that can actually make a decision nor can i get a response or speak to anyone in the “resolution center” on the phone! This is absurd. Customer service agents are rude but worse – ineffective.

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