1. Sorry but somehow this doesn’t add up to me. You’re claiming that because of Airbnb you got hacked, they charged your account an additional $1000, then deleted the account? The only possible way this scam could work is if a host got into your account, booked you at their location, then deleted your account, then filed a claim with Airbnb for the full value. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Furthermore, your account being compromised is of no fault of Airbnb. Being in IT myself, I can tell you that the majority of account compromises are a result of poor password management – weak or reused passwords, sharing passwords, writing them down, etc. You are responsible for your online security, not the websites you visit.

  2. Your account was hacked. If my credit card or bank account has unauthorized charges I approach them for resolution in addition to the platform.

    Your credit card should make you whole because they accepted the charges. They would if your credit card suddenly had software charges from China.

  3. I am on the Airbnb subreddit of Reddit. I have read dozens of reports of peoples accounts being hacked, nearly identical stories as this, in the month of June.

  4. Why should we not use Airbnb because of your one bad experience. I’ve used them many times and will do so again.

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