Airbnb collects way too much personal information!

I wish I had never heard of Airbnb!! With all of the identify theft happening in the world, they accumulate a data base of information surpassing none. I found an apartment in Paris titled “Montmarte With Love” and was all ready to rent. I attempted to book (side note-they don’t tell you ahead of time you will be paying the currency exchange) so I put my credit card information in their data base along with remitting a copy of both sides of my driver’s license, phone number and e mail. That was not enough. They wanted a Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account. I have none because I am a professional accountant and I see SO much identity theft and what people go through that I protect my information. They offered me the option of submitting a video saying I am who I am but their web site does not work and that didn’t go through so I wasted SO much time. They would not process my info and cancelled my request. I feel bad for the host because she probably lost the best renter she could ever have! It is impossible to contact Airbnb and now my information is stored in their database. I will be going to Paris and staying at a hotel like NORMAL people do. Their web site is so convoluted and all they do is advertise. I made a horrible mistake, but that is how we learn in life!!

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  1. Oh yea, these thieves did the same thing to me. I’m not buying it. They asked for the last four of my Social Security Number! What the hell would they need that for? They only ask for your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account so they can highjack your contacts list and send unsolicited emails to your contacts and sell these addresses to other marketing firms. Airbnb is so underhanded in what they do. I had to end up calling a “help center” to get my account deleted. They STILL couldn’t promise me that ALL of my information had been deleted!! DO NOT BEGIN AN ACCOUNT WITH AIRBNB!! It is a thievery ring–plain and simple!!

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