Airbnb Charged my Account without any Bookings

My PayPal account was charged over £669 on September 3rd, 2016 by Airbnb: £422 from my bank account and £247 from the backup credit card listed on my PayPal account. I was not a guest and I had not booked or tried to book anything via Airbnb, but they still charged me. Fortunately, I had set up the PayPal email warning system to tell me every time my account is used and my husband noticed the warning. I have never used Airbnb or had anything to do with them, having seen all the reports in the UK press about the horror stories. I did not lose anything, as the charges were eventually reversed. However, there have been no details from PayPal about how this could have happened. I have emailed them several times asking how it was possible Airbnb could apply charges to my account. So far, all I’ve heard is silence and a load of standard emails telling me they are always trying to improve their security systems. My opinion: they’re not good enough.

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  1. My airbnb was hacked by someone in the UK. My existing reservation was cancelled a cancellation fee was applied. I have not been able to reach anybody at Airbnb! I can’t believe they are such thieves! $200 out the window. I wish there was a way people would know not use Airbnb!

  2. My air bnb account was hacked by someone in China. I am in the US and never been to China. A reservation was made on my account, my card was charged. I had alerts on my card so I knew as soon as it happened. I contacted Air BNB immediately and they could have cared less. After several escalated calls they returned my funds. I blocked my card and closed my account with them. Terrible company to deal with.

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