Airbnb changes calendars’ set prices regularly

Hosts, If you haven’t noticed Airbnb will change your set prices so they can sell the room. It seems there is an algorithm that lets them override your set price so the room will be booked. I offered a holiday weekend at a high price. Frankly, I didn’t care if it rented or not, so I set it high. The rates were fixed, not variable, and about $20 more than my usual rate. The room was rented for $10 per night less than my “set” price. This times four nights =$40. I doubt the company kept this money but rather they made an override so the room would be rented. I have initiated a service ticket for this. I was looking back at my bookings and noticed actually a number of nights that were let for odd numbers that ended in cents and were not the set prices of the calendar. If they are going to do this we should be notified. Otherwise it is at worst fraudulent.

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  1. My wife and I have been having the same issues for the past 3 weeks. This far we have spoken to 18 different agents and case managers. They tell you they are working to correct the bug but when we call back in you are told that the ticket have been closed.

  2. Hi, we are having the same problem. We noticed it early October, it’s been two weeks now, many messages and calls with customer support, and every time they tells us they fixed. The next morning, the prices are all changed below to our base price again.
    Did airbnb fix it for you?

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