Airbnb Cancellation Woes: Double the Price?

Having used “instant book” online my host then requested double the rate. I refused and was refunded the sum paid plus given a 10% discount on my next Airbnb booking. I made another booking immediately and paid £673… relatively onerous cancellation terms for me. Five months later that host then requested double the rate paid. I refused, and the host cancelled. Such hosts suffer a modest cost penalty imposed by Airbnb and that particular period booked for that property can no longer be booked through Airbnb. The guest receives a full refund and a 10% discount on their next booking. This is totally inadequate compensation for wrecked travel plans so long after the initial booking. Why does Airbnb not provide some financial compensation for holding a good chunk of money for so long? I have unsuccessfully sought some financial redress from Airbnb but keep getting the same standard responses. Airheads! Potential bookers: be aware of what might lay ahead. Hosts might cancel late in the day if they get a better offer.

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  1. We had a similar situation twice in the same city, confirmed booking and the host tried to up the price. We refused both times. The host cancelled one and Airbnb the other on behalf of the host but we did not receive anything from Airbnb in terms of future discounts. The host was not even sanctioned and now has the property advertised for 4x the price for the same dates. Airbnb have not helped at all.

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