Airbnb Can Change Cancellation Policy Preference

I had my listing posted as having a STRICT cancellation policy, due to the fact we all know how guests can be. I did not realize that Airbnb can override these restrictions. I just had t0 give a full refund to a guest that canceled the same day they were supposed to arrive. I had it marked as strict, as I did not care why they would need to cancel. I know if I were the one cancelling a reservation I had made somewhere I would not have received a dime back. I had expenses: hiring a cleaning company on a Sunday in order to provide accommodations; as well as having to drive an hour to pick up a key that was left out for this guest. Airbnb continued to give every penny back to this guest, with of course their own fee. A few days earlier I received the “superhost” badge… what a joke. No more, lesson learned. They will not make another dime off of my property. I do not see how someone can control another’s property like this. I’m very disappointed with Airbnb.

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  1. I have had guests for four months now, and was a super host, until someone booked today while I was out, came to the house, could not contact me, called Airbnb, who then canceled the reservation before I got home,and sent me an email telling me I had lost my super host status and that I could be charged a penalty! What kind of high-handed treatment is that? I immediately cancelled the instant booking feature. If Airbnb can penalize me for not getting day-of messages, then my potential guests no longer have the privilege of instantly booking. Airbnb need a more just policy. I don’t mind returning the money–my rooms are booked back-to-back–but to harm my status when I have been the perfect host all this time is terrible customer service. Why would anyone be a host under these circumstance?

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