Airbnb Apartment on Active Building Site

I booked an apartment on Airbnb in Bugibba, Malta based on the description and location. The location was given to me by Google Maps coordinates and I was instructed to meet a rep there who would take me to the apartment. However, when she picked me up she took me to an entirely different area. The apartment was unfinished and in the middle of an active building site with workers carrying out work in front of the apartment.

I told the rep that this was not acceptable and to contact the host, which I did. He told me that he may have an alternative. As it was getting dark, I had to use the apartment as I had no alternative accommodations.

That evening as my wife and I attempted to go out for a meal we found it was impossible as there was builder rubble strewn about the area and no street lighting. We had not eaten since breakfast but it was impossible to leave the area. My wife and I are both in our 80s and diabetic so going without food was dangerous.

The next morning I contacted the host and told him we were moving out as it was dangerous to walk in the area, Explaining that the previous evening we had not been able to walk in the area. His response was “What can I do? Do you want me to come with a torch?”

This apartment should not have been rented out and giving an incorrect location is fraudulent. I am now in a different apartment at considerable expense to myself and when I requested my money back was just told no.

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  1. I’m sorry you have had such a horrible experience. If a host is telling you that another apartment is available instead of the rented one all alarm bells should ring and you should contact airbnb immediately. They could have helped you out and also refunded you. When I read stories like this I see red flags and scammy hosts. Call or contact airbnb ASAP and try to get everything documented on the airbnb message board so that airbnb can read the conversation between you and your host.
    If you ever book an airbnb again choose a superhost with many reviews.
    Kind regards a superhost

  2. Outrageous. So many tourists are being “robbed” of money and vacation time. There needs to be some sort of policing done starting with Airbnb who is committing the crimes by endorsing these horrible people.

    • Well, had the guest contacted airbnb immidiately the guests could have got some help. The host isn’t paid until the day after check-in – to avoid scammers and airbnb would have refunded straight ahead AND would have helped the guest with a new place to stay + most likely banned the host.

        • I am both a very experienced host 350+ bookings but also a frequent guest. I have had a lot to do with airbnb customer service otherwise I wouldn’t give any advice. I have also educated myself on how the system works. There are very clear instructions on how to contact airbnb should there be any problems in the reservation info – just press the help link. This guest didn’t reach out to airbnb so how could they know something was wrong or help him?

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