Airbnb Allows Theft and Does Nothing

We rented our house to three people from the Airbnb website where we advertised our three bedroom, two bathroom vacation rental. They stole all of our furniture, washer, dryer, artwork, and dishes. We immediately contacted Airbnb, filed a police report, found our receipts and emailed them all to Airbnb. They have done nothing to take care of this. They have a million dollar insurance policy and we never received a dime from this theft. Their insurance guy won’t return our phone calls and so we lost $15,000 worth of furnishings and appliances and Airbnb has done nothing to help us. I guess if you are a thief, rent through Airbnb and steal from the house you are renting, as Airbnb won’t do anything to catch you or help the people from whom you stole. I hope all thieves read this, rip everyone else off, and then, maybe when no one advertises through Airbnb anymore, they will go out of business. I am now going to contact the insurance commission and file a complaint. I will also contact other hosts on Airbnb and let them know about this so they can decide if they dare to continue with Airbnb.

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  1. I just had 600.00 stolen from me in a Nashville, TN Airbnb. They refuse to do anything about it and made me jump through all the hoops. It was a case of gross negligence and no one would even relocate me.

  2. Just one question, why on earth didn’t you have your own insurance on your house and its contents? To depend on just Airbnb to cover you in any event is just in a word… stupid.

  3. A lot of my stuff gets stolen here and there too. Just a hat here and a cord there. It is hard for me to know who took what.

  4. What poor attitude John Snow? They just had all their stuff stolen and airbnb did not stand behind their policy. What is wrong with you? Hey, you guys should share your story on Airbnb paid me a third of the money they owed me because of this “arbitrator” named Kevin T. who is in my opinion is probably a high school dropout who did not know what the Terms and Conditions or Guest Refund Policy said so he made a draconian decision. They said since the case was closed they could only pay me 1/3 of what they owe me. In my mind the case is not closed. I am calling the American Arbitration Association tomorrow. You may try that too.

  5. Fuck off, John.

    The thieves are the trash in the scenario not this person who had a shit experience and said something because theyre mad.

    People like you that blame the victim for having the audacity to be upset are “whats wrong with this world”.

  6. I must say, that although you have gone through a terrible ordeal, It is AWFUL of you to further condone and promote the behavior of now doing it to others (innocent home-owners, just like you) You are everything that is wrong with the world and by the sounds of it – your poor attitude likely brought this Karma into your home.

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