1. Forget about ever getting any info. Same thing happened to us. your.rentals (no .com) will lost you on Airbnb for 5%. It will take them a few weeks to get your Airbnb listing up. And a few weeks to get a few good reviews. But better than nothing.

  2. That is incredible! I too have been suspended from my Airbnb site as a host and as a guest. I was informed by Airbnb that my right to the site has been suspended because of a background check. My background check that Airbnb did on me revealed for events happening in 2009. One was a speeding ticket and the other was a summary offense. Seriously there was only two events that were valid and a duplication of them. I have disputed them with the investigative company and now I have zero events. I have not been able to contact my guest currently staying at my property! Airbnb help does not do a thing!!. I have been on the phone with the Airbnb support for in excess of two weeks on a twice and sometimes three times daily calls. All to no avail.

    • Its outrageeos to hear this I have also being blocked from airbnb for giving false information regarding my rental wich is totally false the claim, never had any problema with the platform but lately the customers service sucks to solve Problems its horrible to see this happen since one thinks such a huge international company may be better at solutions and have a better host service than just shut you down no wonder it plummeted on wall Street they should put some Money and efforts on solving this

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