1. I’ve only been doing Airbnb for 6 weeks and already they have cancelled my account, even though I have almost 5 star ratings and I love my guests, I’ve had a good time, except for one mean one, who tricked me into saying something political that he didn’t agree with and lied to Airbnb about me, said I was a racist, and they cancelled all my bookings and haven’t paid me for the ones just about to begin when they cancelled, and they said, You can go ahead with Joe’s Booking (name changed), but they haven’t paid me for his or the other one in my house. I’m out over $1200 plus about $4000 in cancelled bookings. You are right, they always side with the guest.

  2. Why would you have to cancel your flight, Vegas is full of cheap accommodations. AirBnB CS is admittedly difficult, but they almost always side with the guest.

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