Add to the List of Reasons Why Airbnb Sucks


This isn’t a very exciting story, but add it to the list of complaints about this rotten company. Here is a letter that I wrote to Airbnb this morning:

I made a reservation this morning for a trip with Airbnb. I have been an Airbnb customer for a long time, and a host for almost as long. I was looking for properties that were not Instant Book, and thought I had submitted a request to just such a place. My request was approved before I expected though, just as I was in the process of booking a different place and cancelling the first request. I cannot cancel this new reservation myself without incurring fees.

I called customer service and of course due to your famously abysmal customer service, the rep couldn’t help me, and couldn’t even tell me when a representative might be able to help me. This is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately; it just can’t wait a day or two for a rep to get back in touch with me. Now I am in effect stuck with a reservation that I don’t want, and this host is stuck with a bunch of guests who are very unhappy to be heading to his place. This is a horrible situation for everyone.

My point is that as with anything related to travel, like airline tickets or hotel rooms, there must be a penalty-free grace period after a booking in which to cancel. Even if it is just a few hours, like it is with most airlines. I would suggest that you add this to your service. I must say though that even if you do add this grace period, it will be too late for me.

I have been increasingly unhappy with Airbnb for a couple of years now, it’s very clear that you prioritize your profit over the experience or safety of your hosts and guests, and while I appreciate the fine human exchanges that sometimes come with hosting and guesting with Airbnb, what I now appreciate are the nice people hosting and guesting despite the rotten treatment we all get from your company. I am at an end with you. But first I have to go stay in this house that I paid for and do not want.

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  1. I was trying to see if airbnb will will work for me for a 20 day stay in europe.
    I decided completely against it not because of the negative feedbacks but because of the uncivilised replies the feedback gets.
    Most negative reviews are.immediately scoured with a set of completely rude ,unprofessional and downright uncivilised replies which makes me think i surely dont want to be in the league of the kind of people who support airbnb.
    And i guess i would also get the same uncivilised replies now.😊

  2. So basically you booked a bunch of places at once and somehow that’s Airbnb’s fault and their customer service “sucks”.

    You should also take courses in personal responsibility and how not to be an idiot.

  3. Why did you send a Booking Request if you were not sure you wanted to book?
    You should have sent a Booking Inquiry via the Contact Host links.

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