1. I think the title of this story has it right. Who pays VAT on rental income? Why would a landlord let his tenant sublease his rental property? What’s in it it for him? Sounds all too bogus for me.

  2. Hi, Karen.

    I suggest you do your due diligence before making libelous remarks. Our renting was perfectly legal and done with the landlord’s knowledge and permission. We also paid the ITBIS (Value Added Tax) on all rentals – something many hosts do not do. And we maintained a high standard of cleanliness and decorum.

    I respectfully ask that you retract your remark.

    • Did you read our lease? No. So you don’t know if we had the right to sublet or not. We had the right and exercised it responsibly. Not only that, we paid all taxes – both value added and income tax.

  3. My opinion is you’re stressing too much about one stupid website. There’s dozens of others. Book there. Or book direct. Why waste so much time and energy on them? Class action? Calm down precious. If they don’t want your business just move on.

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