1. I list my flat on booking.com and i am very happy with booking.com and whenever airbnb desactivates my advertisement i will not cry cause now i have 3 claims against airbnb and some are with the lawyer. Believe me insurance airbnb is fake and also whenever airbnb decides they can change money to be received from instant booking from 1300 euro to 221 euro ( without explanations and without merit). so airbnb is by all means more dangerous then booking.com cause booking.com will not insure you ( that s clear from begining) but also they do not altere your price or they do not cancel because of fake claims. airbnb is simply dishonest and it is not because you agree to a contract saying that they are always right that a judge will not say that justice is for everybody and no one with a contract can avoid justice to run .

  2. Open an Airbnb account under a relatives or spouse’s name, anyone who you know doesn’t have a record, and DONT add family member names.

  3. I agree with Joan. Airbnb is not the professionals choice and they hire people who certainly don’t know the law and can barely speak English.

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