1. I was also de-activated and held up for 3 weeks with no reason given and a refusal to supply the reason and facts. Resulted in a loss of forward bookings. Subject to a total lack of communication after numerous attempts to contact, I finally “flipped” ( after a couple of whiskies) and threatened Airbnb with legal action, and a report to “Consumer Affairs” in Australia. A silence at the end of the phone…………..and……All of a sudden I was informed that they had made a mistake. Reason refused as usual ! ! ! A mistake that had given me 3 weeks of terrible stress, and a loss of US$3,500 ( cancelled future bookings).
    I made it clear that a “formal” written apology was to be sent to me immediately, otherwise legal action and a formal report to Consumer Affairs would be made.
    It actually happened, and a formal apology was written. I am holding that for future reference.
    I am still with Airbnb, however I am very careful and observant to their appallingly trained, rude arrogant customer service representatives who have no idea about customer service, and persons who are terrified to do the wrong thing towards Airbnb, that could result in them loosing their jobs. Today working as an Uber driver or a cleaner, and tomorrow working as a “power hungry” Airbnb Customer Service representative. What a load of B.S.

  2. Glad you stuck with the process. I had a similar incident with a clear background check! Posting to FB helped as well as customer service was of no use and I was able to attach the background check I obtained on my own. No reason was given for my deactivation and if I had not been assertive, the account would still be deactivated. I have not booked since, honestly, afraid to do so. Def keep your Baltimore documentation

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