1. Man, it seems in a couple other postings as well as this one that people will be clambering to tell you that you are wrong! LET THE PEOPLE VENT!

  2. People do make false allegations. I had a woman staying who after she
    left and went to stay at her friend’s left me a great review. The
    Woman then contacted me because her friend had thrown her out 2 days later. She begged to stay back at my place. I had a spare room so agreed as I knew she had a plane to catch a few days later. However after 2 nights of hearing her clunking and banging around at night, and being out right rude, even irrational. I realised she was going to jeperdise my reputation with my latest Airbnb guest. I asked her politely to leave and that I would take her bags anywhere in the city. She claimed she couldn’t sleep because she had bipolar disorder. I said I’m sorry if that was the case then she needed profesional help. To that she threw a verbal fit (luckily the new Airbnb guest wasn’t home) she threatened to “Report me into Airbnb” I said go ahead call them, but you need to leave. (She had other friends in the city)
    Anyway she left and two months later Airbnb contact me to say there had bee an incident at my place. Eventhogh I had a 100% positive review rating and was a super host.
    They asked me to think who could have complained and structure my answer around that. So I explained the above facts. I waited 2 weeks and was then emailed that I was now banned from Airbnb permanently.

    Lucky fo me I can get a flatmate at the same rate, but it goes to show all someone has to do is have a gripe with you and make up an allegation and you will get banned. No fair investigation, Airbnb just believe what’s alleged and keep the person who complained anonymous from you.

    I never even got to find out what the allegation by woman was.

    That’s proof right there that people dream up lies out of spite. And Airbnb cowardly discard their loyal hosts out of laziness.

    Please do not rely on Airbnb financially or expect their support. They are to big to care

  3. In what world is 2012-April 2018 7.5 years? It’s at most 6 years. You’re upset that AirBnB didn’t give you a chance to discuss what happened but you admit that you don’t know what happened because you weren’t there. Calling the guest was inappropriate, she was sexually harassed in your home by someone you knowingly left there with her, why would she want to discuss it with you?

  4. *yawn* You did nothing wrong?! You didn’t require a minimal level of normal conduct from your part-time boyfriend towards your guests? No sane woman would make up an allegation like this. Airbnb made the right decision. Poor baby, buy a tent to go camping in your beloved desert:)

    • You can’t control the conduct of other adults. It does seem harsh that the OP has had no opportunity to put forward their side of the story.

      I am not saying the allegation was made up, but such allegations are occasionally made up, so it’s untrue to say that no one would make it up.

      Taking the allegation as 100% truthful, it is still wrong for the OP to have had their account closed in this manner. They presumably had no prior indications that their friend would act in this way, and they cannot be held responsible for that deplorable behavior.

      On the other hand, for someone who owns at least 6 properties to be complaining about financial hardship is laughable. You need to be well-off to own 2 properties. To own 6, if you are not rolling in money then you are obviously mishandling your fortune.

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