Abandoned: Non-Existent Airbnb in New York City

Upon arriving in New York, we caught a cab and gave the driver the address of the Airbnb we booked. He pulled up to a parking lot and said, “this is it”. We got out and went up and down the street trying to find the address. It was non-existent; there was no such address. It was rush hour, 85+ degrees and we had gotten up at 4:00 AM. Needless to say, we were frantic.

I called Airbnb and could not get through. After dialing continuously for over 30 minutes and being put on hold for over 15 minutes, I finally got someone on the line. She was very nice and promptly gave us a credit on this booking. Then we had to find a hotel, which, obviously, was a lot more expensive. This is the chance you take when you use Airbnb, so just beware. Will I book with them again? Probably, but I will really read the reviews. This particular apartment had a lot of reviews – believe it or not – so here again, beware. Airbnb is a crap shoot for everything to work out. We had booked in Barcelona and nothing went wrong.

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  1. really sounds like an account take over with fraudulent behavior. hopefully, you got your money back.. normally Airbnb also assist you financially if you had additional costs due to H last minute cancellation or ATO`s

  2. That’s nuts, did they try to contact you outside of airbnb to ask for money or anything? I wonder what would be the point of it otherwise, because not like airbnb release the money prior to check-in? Unless they know how difficult and hopeless contacting airbnb is.
    Maybe a hacked account considering the reviews?

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