Last Minute Cancellation

Nearly two months ago, my fiancee and I booked a beautiful apartment for a two-week stay in San Francisco. We spent a lot of time looking through listings, and found one that we thought was perfect. The host was well-reviewed, and there were many positive comments. We paid the full amount and thought we were on our way.

Fast forward to the night before we were to arrive. After several days of attempting to contact the host, she abruptly canceled our reservation with no warning and no explanation. We had only a few hours to find somewhere to stay.

Airbnb told us we’d be eligible for a mere $100 credit. We were able to find another apartment at the last minute, but it wasn’t nearly as nice as the one we booked originally.

I have had nothing but great experiences with AirBnB in the past. In fact, we are in a beautiful rented house for our second week here in the Bay Area, but have had to now pay the cost of moving to a second property (a second AirBnB fee and a second cleaning fee).

We also learned that you can’t leave negative feedback on AirBnB unless you stay at a property, so there is no other way for us to warn people about this on their site.

I believe that AirBnB is providing a great service, but this is an issue they need to address. They are very strict about renter cancelations, but to my knowledge, no penalty befell our host for canceling less than 24 hours in advance, besides a warning.

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  1. While it is true that you can’t leave a comment on a booking that is cancelled by the host, I think there is an automatic message left in review section when a host cancels and how many days before they did.

    Therefore, future potential customers do see that transparency of cancellation of past guest bookings and they can decide whether they want to trust the host or not.

    I do agree that AirBnB should offer more compensation, or offer an iron-clad guarantee if a host cancels, like a fully paid for booking at a 4 star or better hotel within 2 miles of the booking, where possible.

  2. >While it is true that you can’t leave a comment on a booking that is >cancelled by the host, I think there is an automatic message left in >review section when a host cancels and how many days before they did.

    My booking was cancelled by Host, there was an automatic post that booking was cancelled by host( there was at least 20 posts booking was cancelled by host) after 2 months this posts dissapeared and now i can see just positive reviews.

  3. This just happened to me for a business trip. I had booked well in advance because I knew it was a busy week in Geneva, Switzerland. My suspicion is that the host (highly recommended) figured out that a higher rate could be had. Because there’s no real way to review hosts for this sort of thing, no one will ever be the wiser. I’m increasingly of the view that Airbnb is not a solution for business travelers. Which is a shame because when it works, it is a welcome relief to have a nice apartment rather than a hotel. But it’s too risky. most business travelers are trying to take the stress out of travel not add an unknown element.

  4. I also made awful experience with airbnb. Booked an appartment in NY about two months ago. Booking was confirmed by host. Just 1 day before arrival, the booking was cancelled by airbnb! (not the host) because host has taken down the ad from airbnb web site.

    Effectively, it was airbnb who cancelled my reservation!!! This is not professional at all.


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