Airbnb Verification Frustration!

Hi There,

I used to use airbnb quite a lot, but now I’m being asked to “Verify ID.” There are all sorts of issues regarding the security, but reluctantly I agreed to this and tried to do so for over 2 hours.  What a nonsensical request, and pathetic piece of software that, on holiday assumes:

a) I can verify despite working on a microscopic dataphone screen

b) I have a scanner camera (I don’t)

c) That accepts only jpg not pdf so passport in pdf form is not accepted

d) After I managed to download a converter, from pdf to jpg, AirBNB site decided that B&W is not acceptable.

e) I had a backup colour pdf and managed to download a converter, from pdf to jpg, but airbnb site decided that this file was now too big

f) Managed to download a 3rd converter to make a large colour jpg smaller size

g) Airbnb site said still not acceptable… and offered no alternatives!!!!!

Crap – I will never use AirBnB again!

Airbnb Verifications Are An Intrusion of Privacy

Airbnb’s verification process is an intrusion on privacy. There is no place for processes like this. People should not use this site. There is absolutely no reason for them to request all of your profile details in order to book an apartment. Passport and mobile number should be more than enough. For example I don’t want airbnb snooping through my data trying to sell crap to all my friends.