Airbnb Verification Frustration!

Hi There,

I used to use airbnb quite a lot, but now I’m being asked to “Verify ID.” There are all sorts of issues regarding the security, but reluctantly I agreed to this and tried to do so for over 2 hours.  What a nonsensical request, and pathetic piece of software that, on holiday assumes:

a) I can verify despite working on a microscopic dataphone screen

b) I have a scanner camera (I don’t)

c) That accepts only jpg not pdf so passport in pdf form is not accepted

d) After I managed to download a converter, from pdf to jpg, AirBNB site decided that B&W is not acceptable.

e) I had a backup colour pdf and managed to download a converter, from pdf to jpg, but airbnb site decided that this file was now too big

f) Managed to download a 3rd converter to make a large colour jpg smaller size

g) Airbnb site said still not acceptable… and offered no alternatives!!!!!

Crap – I will never use AirBnB again!