Airbnb Wants Two Women to Stay Without Working Locks


This link is to a host who has a dangerous Airbnb rental. Upon arrival, the lock codes did not work. We had to go to the “cafe”, which is also a bar, to get someone there to help us. It turned out that everyone working at that bar has all the lock codes, and manual keys to override the codes; at least one person was trying to get in. The lock was broken. The host was unavailable and said that the bar employees would have to help us. One employee said we would have to leave the place unlocked since the lock did not work. When we examined the doors to find out why the locks weren’t working, we saw severe damage to the doors and door jambs. Apparently this place had been broken into and the jambs were never repaired. In addition, there were cracks in the wooden doors. With everyone else being able to get into this place, and we were two women traveling alone, we left immediately and got a safer room. Airbnb and the host fought us on the refund, and refused to pay for any additional expenses because we had to spend more money on a hotel, even though we chose the cheapest one we could find. I will not use Airbnb again. Ever.

Renting Outside Airbnb Leaves Guest with Mud, Mice, and Ants

My hubby got a job in Tennessee and needed a quick place to stay, reasonably priced. The host I found on Airbnb texted me and told me to call her. She gave me her number in three different messages so that it could get through, i.e. first text or call XXX, second call XXX, third call XXXX to beat the ‘no sending phone numbers’ rule from Airbnb. We discussed prices and she said if I paid three months in advance she would take money off the price. She also canceled my reservation on Airbnb and told me to send her money via PayPal since we are now friends… she asked me to send it to friends and family so there are no fees for her on PayPal.

The hubby showed up at her house November 11th to stay for three months. The house was obviously in need of repair. There was mold in the shower, the toilet didn’t flush properly, and the sink didn’t drain. If there was water running anywhere the pressure in his room (a converted garage) trickled. There couldn’t have been more than dripping from the shower head. This is not a problem if the rest of the house knows you are taking a shower and doesn’t use water anywhere, but since there are four roommates that keep to themselves, the water pressure is a problem.

The owner does not lock the doors to the house. It is always unlocked. Although she did provide a key it was a bad one and didn’t unlock the doors; the house was never secured. The parking is not very good. If you are not the first two people home you have to park in the dirt. This was a problem since my husband was in a car accident that left him walking with a cane for the last four years. There were always slippery leaves on the porch. I wrote to the host and asked if I could stay for a few days when I came to visit. She agreed if I provided a few hours of housecleaning. I understood why when I got there.

The entire house was dusty; it had not been vacuumed for a long time (several months at my best guess). I sat down with her and shared only a few of my concerns. I told her that since my husband had a cane and needed it to be safe for him, she needed to get the wet leaves off the porch. She told me where a broom was and that I could do it myself. She also was not happy when I complained about the toilet not working properly. She said to me, “Perhaps the Morningstar House is not best for your husband. Maybe he needs to be moved to a treatment facility.” Really? because we didn’t like the dangerous slippery leaves?

There were mice in the house and mice feces in the closet. I told her about it and she said, “Yeah, but those are like a year old.” Oh, so that makes it okay? Obviously she knew there were mice because she admitted the feces were old. She told me that since she provided stuff (electricity, singly-ply toilet paper, and dish soap) that the price my husband was paying for what he got was a good deal… in other words, don’t complain.

After he was there for two months she asked for the next month’s rent. Even though we had paid three months in advance, she ‘required’ (didn’t tell us until he got there) that rent be paid 45 days in advance. She also wanted a cashier’s check. I told her that she’d have to wait until Monday for me to go to the bank so she said to pay with a credit card and that we’d have to pay the credit card fees. I told her she was going to have to wait then because I was not paying the credit card fees. Finally she said she’d take the payment and lose the fees herself, like it was killing her to pay the fees. She already had been paid in advance… this was just another way to get money fast.

There were cockroaches in the house, and ants in every room. Other roommates complained about ants in their rooms as well. The next month the host asked my husband to leave so she could rent the room to two female nurses (most likely to get more rent). She told my husband she would gladly refund him anything he had overpaid for. The following month she said that he could stay because it didn’t work out with the nurses. Basically, whatever was best for her was what she was going to do.

The last straw was the third time she went into my husband’s room and removed furniture that was suppose to be included in the room. When I texted her about it she said, “Sorry, I just wanted to paint my wicker.” When one of his roommates moved out she came to the room and asked for her table back. Apparently the host just gave him someone else’s table to use without asking the owner’s permission.

There was supposed to be an Apple TV box but it was password protected and could not be used. There was no cable, but she did provide wifi. When my husband moved out, the host refunded (in payments) $950. There is a balance due of $138.34 which she refused to repay, stating that she doesn’t rent rooms for partial months (it is a daily rental listed on Airbnb). I gave her ample time to refund the money amicably but she has refused and will not return my texts or calls. She doesn’t live in the property but she does have ‘circles’ with music and peace pipes, and weird religious stuff. She also has a library of books about goddesses and other religious media at her home. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to rent it out.

Location so horrible we couldn’t even stay and might not get our 889$ back!!!

Here is my mom’s and my family recent Airbnb bad experience in London and we didn’t even end up staying at the property!!! This is our letter to Airbnb Corporate. “Dear Airbnb, I am writing this letter to file a formal safety complaint against the Airbnb listed property: 1 Court Street, London, E1 United Kingdom. My family of 4 and I had a reservation for the property for 4 nights (June 17-June 21st 2015). I booked the property because the pictures looked nice and clean and it stated it was fairly close to the Tower of London. This was also an expensive property, totaling at $889 for 4 nights. Never being to London before, I did not know what areas of London were nice and safe and was trusting Airbnb and the Host that the area the property was in was going to be safe. When my family got out of the tube station (Whitechapel), we quickly realized that this was not a family friendly and safe area at all. We walked down to where the property and realized that there was no way we could stay there and feel safe. The apartment was down an alley way that was having construction done. The area was extremely noisy and crowded. The property in London was in the middle of a street marketplace. It would be very noisy and difficult to move in and out of the property. The whole purpose of getting a property via Airbnb was to get a “family friendly” property, not sleep in a high crime street marketplace. I did text the owner saying that an emergency had popped up. I cannot believe that he never called or responded back to us. Due to this, it completely disturbed our whole London trip. Since it was last minute, we could not find any reasonable accommodations in London and ended up having to travel to south England to my daughter’s apartment in Bournemouth, England. My husband and son had been very sick for days and needed to be in a safe and comfortable environment. They also needed to see a doctor the day we arrived. They had to travel to Bournemouth to see a doctor and ended up having to go to the hospital. We can provide documentation from the hospital if necessary. Later, I researched the Whitechapel area in London and found out that it is one of the top violent and sexual crime hotspots according to the LessCrime Report ( I also looked at the official London Police website and found out that each month this specific area has one of the highest number of incidents and crimes in all of London ( I am very upset and disappointed with fact that Airbnb allowed this property to be listed. Airbnb should have a description of the local area. Airbnb needs to send someone to check the property out personally and they will see for themselves the security concern. My daughter used Airbnb several times across Europe to travel and recommended this to me. She had no safety concerns or major issues at the properties that she stayed at. We also had a bad experience with an Airbnb property in Paris. After this horrible experience that messed up our entire London trip and we paid the whole 889$!, I do not believe that I will ever use Airbnb again. Know that I will be sending this letter to every corporate Airbnb email I can find, will share it on many social media sites, and will make sure that none of my family and friends use Airbnb. I do believe that we should receive a refund because we booked the property under false pretenses and we did not stay at the property at all. I do not want what happened to my family to happen to another. Please send someone to this property or have it removed from your site so that this never happens to another family.