Rejections, Speculation and Waiting for nothing

Yesterday I tried to book a room in Zagreb. The first request was rejected and the host sent me a message telling that he forgot to update the price. The second rejected my request with no message and the third wasted me three hours waiting and finally I decided to cancel the request and book a room through It’s my first and last time on airbnb.

Heads Up for People Looking for Hamptons Rentals

To people doing research on AirBnb: Avoid the East Hampton Get Away listing on Three Mile Harbor Rd by Bob Nicholson! He is highly unreliable – we paid for the listing two months ago for july 4th weekend, and were just notified yesterday (June 15) that he’s cancelling the listing, leaving the eight of us 2 weeks to find another place in the Hamptons. At this point, it’s almost impossible. All travel costs will be forfeited, making this a very expensive non-vacation.