Thanks for nothing, Airbnb

We had booked a flat in Barcelona last August and paid $600 for five nights. Before the Barcelona leg of our trip, we stayed in another apartment (also booked through Airbnb) in Paris for five nights, which worked out well.

Prior to flying to Europe, I had communicated with the host of our apartment in Barcelona, who said he would arrange a car service from the airport to the apartment, and asked me for my flight details. That was the last I heard from the host. When we arrived in Paris, I began emailing him, asking him if he was able to arrange a car for us as he said he would, and for check in details. Each day, my emails were ignored, and I heard nothing from the host.

The night before leaving Paris and flying to Barcelona, I decided enough was enough, and I called him. The host was immediately abusive, and began screaming obscenities at me, so of course I hung up on him and immediately tried to call Airbnb for assistance. I waited on hold for 40 minutes ($2 a minute adds up quickly) before I gave up and emailed them.

Airbnb responded by sending us links to three different apartments that they suggested we try…however the apartments didn’t have our dates available. We then received an email from Temperance at Airbnb…a Customer Experience “Specialist” who said our case had been sent to a member on her team, and that we would be in good hands. I replied that we were now on our way to Spain with no place to stay, and a child with us.

And, that was the last time I ever heard from Airbnb. I have been emailing Temperance daily, and it has now been four days. I had to go into the original booking and cancel it, and they issued a 50% refund. We had to shell out the money to stay in a hotel, so I will be contesting all charges with my credit card company once I am back in the states, as I’m not paying for services not rendered.

I am also not able to leave a review for the host (his name is Kristian, if anyone is interested) who was a complete psychopath, so there is no way to warn potential future guests of his.

I will continue to email – and call, once I am back in the States – Airbnb until someone from their incompetent organization acknowledges me.

Airbnb are criminals.

Don’t trust the descriptions

Just a warning to everyone that the descriptions on AirBNB are extremely misleading. Our main requirement for accommodation was that we wanted a fully equipped kitchen so we could cook our meals and save some money by not eating out every night.

When we got there we had a look in the kitchen cupboards and there were plates, cups, cutlery and a toaster. Oh and of course the fridge.

To me that is NOT a fully equipped kitchen. As much as we wanted to save money on meals, we weren’t going to have toast every night to do so!

I rang AirBNB and SURPRISE! They are sorry but there is nothing they can do!