Hosts get Slow Paid

Whenever I transfer funds from my investment account to my checking account, I have access the next business day. Not so with Airbnb. Airbnb does a good job of “playing the float”. Even though they say they will pay hosts the day after the guests arrive, it usually takes several business days to actually receive the money in your account. Airbnb is making a fortune by holding hosts money and investing them for an extra 24-48 hours before release. Most of the times my guests were long gone before I ever saw a penny of my money. I cannot even begin to imagine how much of the hosts’ money Airbnb gets to play with by behaving this way. So yeah, hosts, you’re not only paying Airbnb for the “honor” of doing business with them, you’re also acting as uncompensated lender giving them an interest free loan. One host doesn’t amount to much, but think about hundreds of thousands of hosts acting as “Bank Airbnb”.