If you’re wondering if negative reviews get deleted by Airbnb, it is absolutely true. All the host has to do is telephone a representative they communicate with and explain why the negative criticism they received is nothing more than made up gibberish. During a recent stay at a Airbnb, the host showed me how easy it is to request a rating/review to be removed. The host complained about every previous guest. It makes you wonder what the host has in order for you after your departure. I encourage you to read the many reviews on the Airbnb website and you’ll find it quite hard to find a negative review based on bad experiences. 99% of the guests cannot have a “wonderful” experience, not even at a five star hotel. In addition, if you’re looking for privacy, as you would in a hotel, Airbnb is not for you. There are hosts that have locations that are completely host-free. It’s best to contact the host and ask how private your stay will be, while hoping the host doesn’t consider your question as offensive. In addition, remember that many hosts open their rooms because they’re either quite poor and want to execute Martial Law to their guests. I am in no way suggesting that guests should be wasteful, but keep in mind that you are paying for the room, paying for cleaning fee, requested to make a donation if you launder clothes, etc. Give it a try and experience what the pros and cons are. Unless you’re on a strict budget, you may find it much better to stay at a reputable hotel.