Last Second Cancellation after Four-Hour Wait for Host

After finding a listing on Airbnb, I wrote to the host before booking as she advised me to do in the listing. Around 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, she confirmed with me that I could stay. The booking was for that evening. She told me that she was currently outside the city at the lake, so I would have to wait until 6:00, when she would return.

She offered to deal in cash instead of taking payment through Airbnb, which should have been my first clue. She wanted to talk outside of Airbnb, so they wouldn’t be able to find that she was making such offers, to which I obliged. Her replies were very slow, for the most part, until we were finally able to get a hold of each other outside of Airbnb through email. For some reason, this proved to be very complicated (emails weren’t showing up on either side with multiple emails).

I arrived in the neighborhood around 6:00, so I could meet up with her at the cafe down the street. At that point, we finally made contact through email and then telegram, and she told me she was still at the lake and that it would be at least another hour. Around 7 o’clock, she told me she would not be able to host me, so I was left to look for another place to stay after 7 o’clock on a Sunday evening in Munich. Luckily, I found another Airbnb (although clear on the other end of Munich) in the same price range and was able to book that one and get in a short time later.