We rented our beautiful condo for 30 days through Airbnb and at the end of the rental our condo smelled so badly with a rotten pungent odor that we had to spend over three times as much to clean and deodorize the upholstery, curtains, mattresses and pillows. Airbnb was absolutely useless in the resolution and determined that we could not prove that the odor wasn’t there before the renters arrived. Even though we could produce a written affidavit from the cleaning service we use and proof of the cleaning regiment and the many good comments on VRBO and Airbnb about the cleanliness of our property and the condition we keep it. It doesn’t matter, they just did not care. It is quite obvious that they only care about their fee and they are not there to support hosts. I wish I would have done more research before using this unfair operation. We will stick to VRBO from now on and once our last renter is gone from Airbnb will no longer use them and warn everyone we can to avoid them.