A Word of Caution to Airbnb Guests

Just as a caution, when using an airbnb property, you never know how many people “out there” have keys and access to the place where you are staying. I usually opt for the entire property, and have tended to be a fan of airbnb, but I think that is going to change. In my last two rentals, people have come in unannounced, not a pleasant experience. One person came to get the host’s mail and another had his property for sale – and didn’t inform me – and a real estate agent came unannounced and without my permission. My family and I also needed to depart early from a property because it turned out to be an unsafe neighborhood. When we requested a refund, our hosts damaged their own property and photographed it, and it was our word against theirs. I had never experienced anything like that. In fairness to airbnb they gave us a $100 credit. It just seems like there are a lot of risks associated with airbnb, in principle it should work well, but from now in I will look at alternatives. When it works well, it is a great alternative to hotels but that is not always the case.