Ripped off in Rome


The apartment was nice but unfortunately I was ripped off. The problem was, my girlfriend and I booked the room for 3 days in Rome through airbnb on my phone but I don’t know why it showed that we booked for 2 day and 1 person and charged me 97 euros. I could cancelled it and rebook again but I texted him I made mistake and I’m willing to pay for one extra day on my arrival. He replied it’s okay. When we got to his apartment he calculated and asked me to pay 3×45 euros and 1×45 for my extra night 180 euros in total plus I paid 97 euros paid on-line already. I told him that was way too much as if I had cancelled and rebooked it again we could pay only 145€ for 3 nights. Also the price for one or two people I checked on airbnb is the same. As you pay for the room not the person. Without doubt it was my mistake but I thought he will be honest with me. We arrived to Rome late it was about 1 in the morning so we were tired. We ended up paying 257 euros for three nights in his apartment. After this I complained to airbnb and put a bad feedback about him on his airbnb but unfortunately airbnb didn’t show my review. So I can’t trust airbnb.