Who are the hosts? unorganized strangers!!! Don’t trust them!!!

At the time when I write this message, I consider myself lucky. Two months ago, I booked a room in Vancouver for the first time. Two weeks before my departure, the host cancelled my reservation. This brought me a lot of difficulties, because it is summer time and Vancouver is overbooked during the weekend of my stay. Now I cannot even find a decent hotel with a reasonable price. I did receive a full refund from Airbnb, but I ended up spending more on hotel reservations because it is too close to my arrival time. So I decided to cancel my account with Airbnb because I realized that I am dealing with unorganized strangers, so ANYTHING could happen. After I read other online stories of Airbnb. I am glad that I get out early. I think that the existence of AirBnb is irresponsible and shameful. They make things look nice on the website, but they cannot protect the guests. At this point, I blame myself for lacking of common sense and wanting to save a few dollars. I ignored the crucial facts: they (the hosts) cannot be trusted. If booking a room can be so difficult, imagine what would you feel after paying for your stay, you were treated unhappily? Go find a hotel, everyone, where you can be protected by law when things go wrong. If you still want to go Airbnb, good LUCK!