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Host, James Boykin cancelled the prepaid reservation I had with him for three months just a couple weeks before my travel to a family wedding without notice or my consent. When I went to write to arrange the key for my stay, only then did I find out that he had cancelled my paid reservation. The reason James cancelled the reservation was because he found another guest who wanted to stay longer so he dishonored his commitment. As this is not a home that is lived in, but an exclusive rental property, there was no legitimate reason to cancel other than his personal greed. I warn every Airbnb customer to avoid this listing at all costs as my money was kept for four months and I was left with no place to stay. I cannot be strong enough in expressing the hardship that his cancellation has caused me in increased expense longer distance to travel to my location and the truthful experience that this awful host seriously did me wrong. The Airbnb policy is to allow such people to continue to continue to list on their site. This is a bad policy. When a host is this mercenary he should be dropped immediately. Airbnb could not find another listing in the area to rescue my situation, but they did help me find a hotel. I am thankful to them for this.