Airbnb Benefits Greatly from Exchange Rates

We are Canadian citizens with a timeshare in the United states. We listed the unit on April 18th in US dollars yet when we were paid, we were paid a 1 to 1 ratio, Canadian to US dollars. At that time the exchange rate was about $.77 to $1.00. That meant Airbnb kept approximately $0.20/dollar collected from our renters. I do not know if this is standard practice for other countries with a different currency value than the US, but I believe this is an unethical practice. I now know why Airbnb refused to deposit our funds into our US account in our Canadian institution. I would appreciate any suggestions about how to avoid this from occurring again. Yes, I have contacted Airbnb directly with no response. They also withheld taxes even though all the required tax forms were submitted prior to the rental.

Airbnb Stole My Money After I Had to Evict Tenants

We had to evict tenants that were destroying my home by calling the police. Airbnb penalized me and tried to withhold rental income off my next transaction. This is called a right of offset. I checked all of my documents and nowhere was this discussed. I cancelled my account and would never do business again with this unethical and illegal company.