Airbnb – YOU SUCK

I’ve spent the last day and a half watching a friend deal with Airbnb’s inept customer support team after her AirBnb host backed out of her month long rental 45 minutes after she was supposed to meet him. I’ve listened  to misinformation and baldface lies from the Airbnb CS team. Their solution was to charge her twice for two alternative rentals. The hosts were non responsive and $3,000 later ($1400 overdrawn) they pretty much washed their hands of the situation and left my friend homeless and broke for the next month. I’m curious as to who designed their Customer Service policy? Satan? Ebenezer Scrooge? Leaving people broke with no place to stay is bullshit. Lying to your customers and telling them that “you don’t have a manager” is absurd. What do they put in the water at their office? Every CS rep has the same apathetic monotone and a propensity for telling insane lies. I’ve personally never had any issues with my past stays, but watching my friend go through this has disgusted me. Airbnb is an international company with deep pockets. Websites like this wouldn’t exist if they showed some empathy and provided reasonable solutions and prompt resolutions to their guests. Dicks.

Sexually Assaulted and Horrible Airbnb Experience

Fatima Rahim, 33-year old African American from New York City, is running a hotel out of the small apartment she is renting at Al Retaj Building A Floor 6 Apartment 3, Al Saad, Doha, Qatar.

I was verbally harassed and sexually assaulted by a friend of Fatima’s within 48 hours of my arrival.  I had never met nor seen him before nor since this event, yet I found him in the flat which Fatima had vacated to Abu Dhabi for the first weekend of my stay in April 2015.  This man was one of several questionable characters who seemed to live there, entering the residence as they pleased, as the front door to the flat was left unlocked 24/7; thereby putting my personal safety at risk when I was there and my personal possessions at risk when I was not.

I immediately reported the incident to Fatima upon her return from Abu Dhabi.  While Fatima had initially supported me stating that the perpetrator would never be welcome back to her flat, within 24 hours she was with him in the flat.  The following day, I gave my notice to Fatima, requested a refund (to which she initially agreed) for the days I would not be staying and I left.

Fatima is now refusing to give me a refund.  She has changed the original price of our agreement increasing it by over 50% and is now claiming that I owe her money.  She is also telling me to go to the man who sexually harassed me if I want my money returned.

I am writing not in the hopes of obtaining my rightful funds from a tightfisted person, but to warn anyone wishing to stay with Fatima Rahim in Qatar within Doha that in addition to the environment above, you will also have:

-rancid cigarette smoking

-putrid smells in the kitchen fridge from old food

– Dirty dishes overflowing the sink from numerous late night meals eaten

– No public space in the kitchen, living room or storage areas for food or personal belongings

– No control over the air conditioner in 45 degree C heat (if you turn it on, she will turn it off)

– Noise pollution in four distinct forms.

-Fatima speaking loudly and colloquially on Skype without headphones

-The jackhammer that beats and pounds for 18 hours a day 6 days a week from the construction site 50 meters away from the window

-The minaret blasting the call to prayer every morning at dawn 10 meters away from the window

-Noisy child neighbors.  I might add, whose safety is also at risk in this toxic environment of shady characters