Even Resetting Airbnb Password is a Nightmare

I have tried for months to get Airbnb to reply to my question on how to access my account. The password I used to create my account does not work. When I go through the help steps to request a new password or reset my password, I receive an email to reset my password, but when I click on the link, I get a message saying ‘unable to perform action. Please try again later or contact support if you need immediate assistance.’ I then click on the link to ‘support’, but I need my passport to access my account in order to connect to the support desk. So, it’s back to ‘request a new password’… and on and on. I have tried for almost six months to access my account but I am not able to.

For unknown reasons, the details I entered when creating the account were incorrectly reflected on my profile, and I am having guests book for space I do not offer. I have just now had a request for a three-sleeper, which I do not offer, but the guest has paid. Now he has to cancel and wants his money back, which I do not have access to, as he has not checked in yet. I would also like to view the banking details Airbnb has for my payments but cannot access my account. I am not able to access my account to make any necessary changes or reset any information. I have asked guests if they are able to send a message to Airbnb to contact me, but I’m not sure they can.

I see there are numbers people can call from the US and UK (though they openly warn that you will be on hold for 7-12 minutes). I live in South Africa, and cannot do that. I find it very strange that they do not offer an email address where we can post questions and have direct answers. If you are at all able to change this unacceptable situation, please do so ASAP.

Supposed Technical Error Keeps Guest from Booking

For the past few weeks I have been trying to book a property for an upcoming stay in Melbourne, Australia. I used Airbnb this past summer and had no problems whatsoever. My account has been verified and I even have a good review on file. Now when I try to book any property it says: “Sorry this property cannot be booked at this time. Please contact Airbnb Support.” It’s been saying this for weeks and for every single property available to book. I have contacted their customer service line multiple times to which they are completely useless. The first time I called they told me it would take one day and someone would get back to me with a solution. I never heard anything and every time I called back they had no way to help me besides saying that a “ticket” has been opened with technical support; they would get to us when it would be our turn. After asking to be transferred to a supervisor or the technical support department they said that it was not possible because they don’t work in the same building. Now, weeks later, I still have not heard anything and our vacation is coming up in a few days. Airbnb was our best option as it was the cheapest and most affordable for starting a year-long trip. To make things worse, it is high season in Australia at the moment so all the cheaper properties are now almost completely unavailable.