Really Bad Experience in Miami Beach

We booked nine days in a 2-suite apartment at the W Hotel in Luxury Rentals Miami Beach through Airbnb. We paid and expected to be in a 5-star hotel in Miami Beach, a 2-room apartment costing more than $670 per day for nine days. However, they didn’t explain the real conditions. First of all, they were 30 minutes late for check in. Then the conditions were laid out: we did not have the right to have room service, dine-in service, concierge service, and bellman service to be paid on our bill at the end of our stay (we were traveling with a child and babysitter; they had to carry cash with them everywhere and everything had to be paid on the spot).

They charged us $10 for each box we received from Internet shopping. There were no hotel services available to us at all and we were not informed beforehand. We would have preferred to pay a little more if necessary to have a real vacation with service. The apartment had a problem with the air conditioning and at the time Miami was ridiculously hot. The door would not lock, and there were no washing machines. The hotel had problems as well: they picked up the wrong bags. Instead of the garbage we asked to have picked up, they took our laundry bags full of clothing. Of course they never came back and lost them. The pool and beach service was very slow and crowded; a DJ was playing loud music all the time. This was definitely not a place to spend time with family and relax.