Ruined my Wedding with a False Airbnb Review

What should have been the best day of my life was ruined by a lying, pedantic, rude host. I hired a property to prepare for my wedding and to stay afterwards. That was made clear to the host. I told him there were five people staying over for two nights. In fact, we only had four people staying the first night but I figured there’d be no discount for fewer people for one night anyway. I let it go.

I stayed there, being careful to take off my shoes, which was not difficult as I’m Asian and always do so at my own house and that of others as is our custom. The property was lovely. On the day of checkout, my recollection was that checkout was 11:00 AM. At 11:00 AM, we bumped into our host, who looked extremely angry and almost like he was going to punch me. He says “You’re an hour late; I have to clean.”

I was confused but apologised and told him we were leaving. In fact we were already out the door.

Fast forward to two days after my wedding. I was going through the photos when I got an email from Airbnb saying the host had left me a review. I was interested enough to leave a review for him so I could see his review. When I was booking the place I had come across a really horrible review he’d left of another guest when she didn’t put away coffee cups properly. It seemed over the top but I thought maybe the guest was grubby. Even so, I was horrified when I read the review.

I read it aloud to my maid of honour and my now husband, both of which had stayed at the property. They were equally as shocked as I was. First, he accused us of having friends sleep on the couch, which was a flat out lie. He had no evidence to support this so clearly just assumed and then made this assumption into reality by posting it as if it were fact. Then he alleged that there was spilt beer on the floor. Funny, because we never drank beer the whole time we were there. He also accused us of not taking off our shoes, despite all guests on the property doing so.

I realised the check-out time was 10:00 AM, not 11:00 – which was my oversight – but his reaction was a massive oversight. I had also been hoping for some empathy in view of my having my wedding nearby the day before but clearly empathy was not in this person’s vocabulary. I have stayed at a number of other locations in different countries and never had any negative reviews. In fact when staying with friends, we’ve both consistently had good reviews. I encourage anyone considering this area to never stay at this person’s property.

It is a sad day when you pay someone to help host you for your big day only for them to lie about you, straight out. It has left an extremely sour taste in my mouth. I doubt I’ll ever use Airbnb again. I think the platform should vet their hosts more carefully and those who are overly pedantic or just straight out liars shouldn’t be allowed to rent out their property. Word to the wise: If you’re OCD and want your house to be as pristine as you like, don’t rent it out. Just live in it.