Airbnb Charged Me $700 for My Wifi Not Working

I had a last minute request for booking from a guest in my villa in Jamaica. The guest had suffered a last-minute cancellation from another host and booked via automatic booking. The guest was treated to my message and warned that there was a public phone line outage in the locality of the villa. The guest understood and asked if purchasing a wifi portable dongle would work and which carrier I would recommend.

The guest and seven other people arrived at the property, did the check in, and was greeted by the villa staff. I double checked on the guest and she told me all was well. We kept calling the utility company in question for updates on repairs and we also paid a local contractor to speed up the repairs outside the grounds of our villa on the main road. We advised the guest that the issue was resolved and apologised for the inconvenience politely, even if she knew it was outside our control and all other properties in the village were disconnected.

I did a review for this guest, polite and positive. The property in question is a large villa with four bedrooms, five terraces, a 2,400-square meter garden, garage, infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea, its own beach, gazebos, and an outdoor dining and living room. The property was already heavily discounted due to COVID-19 and all the staff trained for these circumstances with face masks.

Almost a month later, I received a message from an Airbnb agent saying that I had 24 hours to explain why my property was not providing all the facilities in the description. This guest had complained and was heavily inconvenienced by the lack of wifi. Obviously I reply showing all the guest messages that there was a public outage and it was totally outside my control. The guest was promptly advised of this issue and she purchased a wifi dongle as alternative.

I am a Superhost and have never received any negative feedback. The Airbnb agent replied that they had reviewed this case and they had awarded 50% of the rental as a refund to be fair to the guest. The guest stayed three nights, booked at the last minute, and used four bedrooms with air conditioning and the pool.

I naively spent additional money to speed up the repair and ended up with this cost. I have tried to escalate this issue without success so far. I am now considering cancelling my membership both as host and guest and cancel all future reservations but I do not want to punish people that have already purchased their flights.

I believe the guest in question did this on purpose and knew very well how to rig the system and probably had done this to other hosts. Beware: do not have automatic booking on. Beware of trouble makers that book at the last minute.


Not Paying Attention to House Rules Can Cost You

I had a flight to Zurich two weeks ago. When I was boarding, I made a booking on Airbnb at the last moment, like I always do. This is my travel life style; everything is booked at the last minute, and I thought no host would complain about it. Anyway, I booked it, they charged my card, and after a while this host in Zurich said that I could not check in at the time I wanted (1-2:00 PM) and I needed to wait for him until 9:00 PM. For me, after a long flight the last thing I want to do is wait seven hours with luggage, tired in the airport. Of course I wanted to arrive, take a shower, sleep, and then explore the city.

When I saw his reply that he only checks in guests at 9:00 PM and later, I said he could cancel my booking. He rudely said no, that this was my problem for not looking at the house rules on his profile page before I booked. I checked his page, and it was my mistake. I totally agreed with him and asked him what I could do now. I had already paid. Again, I was completely okay with this being my mistake, because I made the booking in a hurry before my departure. However, from the beginning I saw a rude attitude in his messages and honestly did not want to see his face. Even though I had already paid, self respect is more important than the fifty dollars I paid.

I arrived in Zurich, met my friends for coffee, and told them the story that I had to wait for host until 9:00, and that the host didn’t sound like a host. My friends told me I could stay with them, and forget about paying 50 USD for an Airbnb. I was very happy. That evening this rude host started asking me where I was, and why I was late. Really? I rented a room at his place, where he lives, not the entire home, and he wrote in his profile that checking in anytime from 9:00 PM until 3:00 AM was fine. Why should I hurry? He would be home all this time, waiting for me and his other guests, because this is somehow extra income for him. Why would he tell me he is not a hotel and I most arrive at the time which we agreed upon?

What is it, if not a hotel? The moment you start to get any money from a guest it’s called rent, and I’m his customer. I wanted to write a negative comment about him, but was busy with my travels. Now Airbnb is saying I can’t write a comment after 14 days, which is sad, because he wrote a comment about me. I don’t know how to remove it, or how to write and report about him.