An Airbnb Guest from HELL

Oh well,here is goes! A few month ago, I rented my GUEST house which was originally built for my parents to a male nurse from Michigan,his name Robert. He was my 1st Airbnb Guest! The booking and all the communication between me and him BEFORE he moved in was good! I thought that’s a really nice guy! When he asked me IF he can cool the house down to 68 F, I did not think much about it! I just wanted an additional 40$ for the 18 days of stay,and I thought that would basically cover it! (WRONG!) He agreed! So he and his future fiance arrived at my house. They moved in and the next day he told me that the drain is clogged in the bathroom.No problem, I thought! I entered the house and its freezing! All AC’s were going at full throttle! The girl was covered in a blanket! Again, I thought, oh well…but I checked the consumption of electricity and in 1 day he used more then 10 $ worth! So 18 days,that’s almost 200$ in electricity!! So I talked to him and he agreed to pay more! Great, right!? Well, when the guy and the girl moved out, I checked the house for “obvious damages” the ones YOU immediately can see, and did NOT start cleaning until a few days before the next guest arrived! And since this was my 1st Airbnb guest, I did not know about the 2 day CHECK for damages policy!! So almost 3 weeks later I started cleaning! We don’t have any professional cleaning in our city! Well, the WHOLE ENTIRE house was covered in a sort of redisch or brownisch film! So anywere you wipe or try to clean,the cleaning cloth is REDISCH! I mean EVERY WERE!!! The bath, the kitchen, EVERY WERE!!!!!!!! It took me and my wife close to 10 hours to clean! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???? The only explanation was some kind of “TANNING SPRAY”!!! The guy when he arrived had a “weird” unnatural TAN! Then I discovered that the bathroom door was damaged! I did not see that before,since you have to go inside the bath and actually try to close it! So I had to basically replace the whole door! Another door were the handle is was also damaged,but that one I could fix! I contacted Robert, he DENIED all. Did not know what I was talking about! I contacted airbnb, but like always,first the tried to get the money from Robert, I was asking an additional 170$, but he refused! Then it was the usual from airbnb: After 2 days there is nothing we can do!!! What a bunch of BULL!! They dont want to get involved!! But IF it comes to their commissions, that they DO COLLECT an the day the guest books!! So they are NOT liable and ALWAYS get their commission!! Oh almost forgot! For WEEKS the house smelled like rotten or dead meat!! Maybe it was Robert…that rotten stinking son of a bi…!!! WHAT kind of people are these??? And HOW does AIRBNB let them get away with these things!! We the HOSTS, who are their INCOME source are just the suckers when problems occur! Well I did learn from that!! I copy an ID from ALL Guests! And I check the house every so often..Trip Adviser gives Hosts, 7 days to claim damages!