Airbnb not Proactive in Protecting Hosts


Airbnb shocked me when they were not the least bit interested in the damage a guest did to my home and the filth they left behind. I have hosted over 55 guests and this was my first nightmare. Not bad, I guess but still I expected Airbnb would have wanted to protect other hosts from the damages this creep caused – but no they could not care less about those of us that make the money for them. They damaged floors, furniture. left lobster carcasses inside to stink up my home and so much more. Don’t rent to this guy if you don’t want major repair and clean-up costs. Maybe Airbnb should hire responsible ADULTS for their customer service vs. kids who have never owned a home, a business, etc. – they don’t get it, but it appears that is what Airbnb wants. They are not accountable.