Hosts have NO power, and the GUESTS are getting so much worse!!

I am an Airbnb Superhost with two huge houses that cost a fortune to clean, and have rented them with 5 star reviews more than 50 times in the past year and a half with stellar feedback… and suddenly, the last two months, it is as if something in the universe has shifted, and every Airbnb GUEST has realized they have the power (with their ability to complain to Airbnb and threaten you with bad reviews) to make you jump through hoops and trash your place in the process. In the last few months, more than HALF of my guests have had good reviews by hosts but turned out to be chronic complainers, scammers, and pigs. They now have the dreaded HOTEL mentality instead of guest mentality–NO respect. They break all hose rules, leave the house in shambles (especially the kitchen, you can’t believe the grease storms and dirty dishes they generate) so my cleaning costs have nearly tripled. Cum stains all over the dry-cleanable velvet comforters… you get the idea. What happened?!