Taking Payment Off of Future Guest Stays?

Airbnbs in Calaveras County finally reopened in June. My first guests were to be a young couple and their two dogs. I was excited about getting my little cabin in the mountains ready for them, to clean and sanitize the cabin by Airbnb’s new procedures. My guests were to arrive on June 26 for a weekend stay.

On that day, one guest called me at 2:00 PM. I thought that he was already there and was calling to ask a question. Instead, he said that they were still at home in Davis, and that he had to cancel and wanted a refund because of extenuating circumstances. I explained that it was out of my hands at this point and that he needed to call Airbnb.

Later, Airbnb called me and asked if it was okay to refund his money. I had not been paid yet; it usually takes about four days, so I told them go ahead and not charge them. I asked to have at least $50 for the time and travel that I had done to get the cabin ready. They said okay.

A few days later, Airbnb sent a message saying that they were going to return all of the money, including the $50. They had already sent me $50, not the $276.45 that was the original cost. They said that they would take back the $50 from my next guest’s payment, which was scheduled for July 7-9. Instead they decided to not pay me at all for the next guest, saying that they had paid me for the first one on the 26th.

I asked them several times — many of which I was waiting for hours on the phone — for a human to answer or fix this problem but they keep saying that someone else would contact me. This has never happened. The last human I talked to agreed that they owed me $225.45 ($276.45 less the $50) but I have not received it and that conversation took place on July 17. I can’t get in touch any other way it seems.


I was Robbed by My Guest and Airbnb

I have been managing vacation rentals for over eight years. I’ve enjoyed welcoming people into my homes and take great pride in providing them with a clean, warm, and welcoming place to stay. I decided to try Airbnb in the hopes of increasing the number of rentals during my slow season (summers in Arizona don’t make it a wildly popular place to travel). My first guest booked a property for five nights. According to Airbnb, the payout for the reservation should have been in my account 24 hours after check-in. That did not happen. I went to my property after the guest checked out and was shocked and disturbed by what I walked into. My house was trashed and reeked of cigarette smoke, and I had been robbed. I called the police and followed up with a call to Airbnb.

I was told to use the Resolution Center to ask the guest that robbed me for the money to cover the cost of the items he stole. This didn’t really make much sense to me… but I did it. I was told he then had 72 hours to respond and if there had been no resolution Airbnb would get involved. Big surprise… the man that robbed me didn’t respond. That 72 hours passed a week ago. I have called and emailed Airbnb multiple times and received absolutely no explanation about what they are doing on their end to help resolve this matter. The customer service people just read from their script and tell me it’s being “investigated.”

Here’s the kicker: I never received payment from the reservation. The robbery and security deposit aside, I was never even paid by Airbnb for the five nights he stayed at my house. I’ve resorted to a negative post on their Facebook page to which they responded with a DM then on Twitter. Still there has been no response, explanation, or money in my account. I have been robbed by both the guest that stayed in my home and now by Airbnb. I feel totally violated and I can’t do a thing about it other than share my experience with as many people as possible in the hopes that no one else has to go through what I am going through.