Airbnb Doesn’t Care About its Hosts

What a joke! Airbnb offers hosts a “house manual”, but I recently discovered that once a guest has paid, they can do, say, or wear anything they wish. I put everything in my house rules – which the guest apparently chose not to read – and he got cozy with the neighbors (after I asked him not to), didn’t clean up after himself, did about 20 loads of laundry (in 12 days), took three showers a day, and bitched that I didn’t have sports on my TV. In addition, he told me stories about his crazy ex-girlfriend. He finally had to go, but I found damage to my computer desk (I took photos beforehand showing no damage), my house reeks of cheap cologne, and my neighbors know things about me that I didn’t share.

Airbnb took 40% of host payment

As a host, I cannot know how much AiRBnB and their bank will take from my money, I got 40% less than expected!

AirBnB simply cheated me and after all didn’t answered on my questions, I as a host still don’t know how much money I will get after guests left. AirBnB payment option is not reliable so I had to double the price.. and still don’t know how much my payment will be.  It’s funny how much time I have lost asking AiRBnB to solve this problem.  Imagine, you want to rent a flat and don’t know how much money you will get after commission of AirBnB and his intermediary banks.  I sent all proofs and papers from my bank (my bank takes only 2 euro) to AiRBnB, and still have no answer.  This is bad, very bad experience with this site, for my first (and probably last) renting I got almost 40% less money then expected… and still without proper answer..  Be careful of their “pleasant, sweet word mails” without solving problems.